Counselling is about providing information and convincing patient towards approaches, acts, products and services that benefit the patient. It is an essential part of eye treatment. Below are the main objectives of eye counselling:

  • To enhance awareness about eye diseases, treatments and preventions
  • Reduce patients nervousness about surgery, laser treatment or any other procedure
  • Help patient make better decision for treatment, laser or surgery
  • Enhance patient understanding of how to act before and after treatment, laser or surgery
  • The patient understands about the treatment, length of the hospital stay, cost, prognosis and recovery plan.
  • To make the patients/customers aware of new services and products
  • To meet the expectations of the patients

Specialists in Aman Eye Hospital perform counselling in a professional way. The patient’s compliance with the doctor’s advice is also critical to the success of the treatment or surgery. The patients and their attendants need to translate the advices into action.