Customer's Feedback

Aman Eye Hospital

Atiqullah Stanikzai Employee

I have experienced Aman Eye Hospital services for the first time. I could not believe that a hospital with such a high standard exists in Afghanistan. I was so impressed by the Qualified Specialists and the services provided to the patients. I wish them further success in serving people.

Qari Afsar Khan Teacher

I had vision problem for a long time and was using eyeglasses. I didn’t like eyeglasses and was in big trouble with it. One day when I came to Kabul, I knew about Aman Eye Hospital and came for a checkup. After my examinations were completed, the Specialist doctor told me that I could get rid of eyeglasses if I underwent laser surgery. The PRK laser surgery was done for me and now I can see well without glasses. I thank Allah and pray for Aman Eye Hospital doctors.

Aminullah Haqiqat Doctor

As a doctor, I can tell you that I found Aman Eye Hospital operating as per Medical rules. I went there for a checkup of my eyes and to determine my eye number. They have wonderful services and qualified specialists. The examinations and treatment done in this hospital have the level of other advanced countries.